Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to make a reddish lip color naturally

Has red lips and a natural blush is ideal for every woman. Therefore we give the following tips on how to care for the red lips so naturally, even without wearing makeup though. Hopefully these tips can improve the beauty of your appearance.

The trick is to use ginger. Step grated ginger until smooth, then pour boiling with hot water. Add sugar to taste and stir until blended. Then drain, or drink the ginger water. Ginger pulp existing in the bottom of this glass can be used as ingredients for a natural lip color redden. Pace, take ginger pulp in a glass base, then you dab on the lips evenly. Let stand about 15 minutes. Then rinse with clean water.

This beauty care you can do regularly every day, until you feel the changes in your lips becomes a natural red.

Tips advantage of mint to freshen your body

Properties of mint have to refresh the body. Because the content of menthol in mint leaves can be soothing and refreshing skin. To make cleaning the body from mint leaves, try the following easy way.

Heat the water enough, then enter the 10 pieces of mint leaves that have been in fine slices. Then let the water for approximately 10 minutes, until the water is warm. Then strain the cooking water mint. After that the water distillate pour a tablespoon of grated cucumber, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 tablespoons coarse salt into it. Stir until evenly distributed. Then use the entire body by rubbing the entire body such as the use of liquid soap. Then rinse with warm water until clean. In the last step rinse with cold water until clean. Remaining unused solution can survive for two days if stored in the refrigerator. In this way, your body will be more fresh and of course you will be able to radiate beauty.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to lighten dark underarm skin

Dark armpit skin or even tend to black, will make us less confident to use sleeveless. Therefore, if you have dark armpit skin you should take the following treatments to brighten the skin of the armpit.

The way is quite easy, do routine care by rubbing a mixture of grated turmeric, cucumber, and lime juice in your armpit skin dark. Because turmeric has a volatile oil content, which acts as an antiseptic. Antiseptic works to treat irritation, which can make the skin becomes dark armpits. While the cucumber is as a function of cooling the skin. Meanwhile, the lime juice has a property to cause to fall back and brighten dull skin. With routine care like this, your dark underarm skin, can be a bright and become beautiful.

Lime wear a mask to control the excess oil on the face

The tips are quite effective and easy to control excessive oily face, is to use lime. Mode is to enable the use of lime as a face mask. The first step taken from the egg white of an egg and separate the egg yolk. Enter the egg whites in a bowl. Then Squeeze one orange juice into it, then stir until evenly distributed.

Then wash your face first with clean water. Then apply a mixture of egg whites and lemon juice to your face, and use as a mask. Leave it for some time to dry and absorb. After that, rinse and wash your face. With treatment like this way, the excess oil on your face can be reduced easily.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips to clean the face with a mask of papaya and squash

Caring face with masks, could face up to clean the skin pores and lift dead skin cells. One way that can be used with the mask is made from papaya fruit is already mature and well mixed with squash.

The trick is, papaya and squash puree to use the blender. Then mix it with egg whites who had been whipped with a glass before. After that, add a teaspoon of honey. Mix thoroughly with using blender. Is a practical demonstration, rub the dough into the face mask with circular motion and massage. Do it evenly on the whole face. Wear this mask for facial care for approximately 10 minutes. Then rinse using clean water.

Eliminate the black spots on the skin with yam (bangkuang)

Skin care methods using yam (bangkuang) is a long and ancient treatment method. Because of yam extract is believed to have the effect of cooling the skin and can clean the stain on the face.

The tips is to take pieces of yam, then grated until smooth. Spread the grated yam in the face as a mask. By doing maintenance yam masks, could eliminate the black spots on face acne scars and removing blemishes. Another way of treatment is by mixing the grated yam with bath scrubs. Then use it to scrub your body. With regular treatments and care, your skin will be cleaner and black spots on the skin will be reduced.