Friday, May 21, 2010

Refreshing the body skin using ginger

Air pollution, poor diet, and minimal beauty body skin care, may cause adverse effects on the body skin. This will cause the skin becomes dry, dull, and rapid aging. For that, we need proper care for our body skin to make it become fresh and taut. The tips is to meet nutritional that needed by our body skin.

Perform the following steps, to provide nutrients to the body skin. Take 5 until 7 grains of hazelnut, two tablespoons of full cream milk which is thickened by mix it with a little water, and also a tablespoon of grated ginger.

Hazelnut mashed until smooth, then mixed with full cream milk and grated ginger which has been prepared. Then apply mixture to entire body, and then let up to half dry. Then rub your body slowly, to spread last fall, along with dead skin cells from your body skin. After that rinse clean with warm water, without using soap. The last step is by applying body moisturizer, which you usually use. These beauty care can make your skin become more taut and fresh, without requiring an expensive cost.

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