Thursday, June 3, 2010

Make hair more black and thick

Black hair and thick, can support the beauty of a person. Because hair can be arranged with ease, without fear of loss of hair. To get more black hair and thick, can be by utilizing the properties of fragrant pandanus leaves. How to care like this is easy and cheap, here is a step. Cut five fragrant pandanus leaves, and boiled in half a liter of clean water. Heat to boiling until the water becomes greenish, because of the pandanus leaf. Then remove from heat and let stand overnight in the open air, for example placed on the front porch.

In the morning, use water to wet your hair evenly. Do it by doing gentle massage to the entire scalp. Then allow it to dry and absorb. After that, rinse with clean water. This hair beauty care must do twice a week. And you will see changes in your hair, become more black, healthy and thick.

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