Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making face spray from mint leaves

Weather and hot air, can cause the face to be dull and less fresh. So that your facial appearance becomes less beautiful. It is of course very disturbing, especially if your activity requires you to meet more people. To refresh facial skin, it can be done by washing the face with water, but not in all the places we could do it.

The easiest way to freshen the skin face, is to use spray face of mint leaves. Because its use is quite flexible, so that we can use it outdoors though.

Grab a glass of mineral water, lemon zest as needed, and six pieces of mint leaves that had been cut. Place all ingredients in a sealed container in the form of bottles, then beat until ingredients are evenly distributed. Leave this mixture for three days, but do not forget to shake every day. After three days elapsed, strain the mixture and discard the waste. Then enter into a spray bottle. Use these fluids as a face spray for refreshing the face. Fresh faces can add your beauty.

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